Sabe is a family company which had its debut in the fashion industry more than two decades ago. It’s a dream come true, but also a grand, carefully developed project. In our operations, creativity walks hand in hand with passion, and subtlety with sensuality. We have created a brand which has already satisfied hundreds of women wanting to look subtle, but also very feminine on their wedding day.

At present, we make wedding dresses that are sold in our atelier on Wieliczka and in exclusive boutiques in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. They are displayed alongside the best work of other foreign designers. They have already been recognised worldwide, and our company has been considered a trend-setting wedding fashion designer.

Our brand mission and distinctive features

Our company has several distinguishing factors. First of all, we don’t want our wedding dresses to be a costume, but merely an accessory that displays and emphasises the natural beauty in each of us. We want them to reflect your unique personality and to ensure that you feel truly exceptional. What’s more, we want to ensure that our dresses are feminine, comfortable, but also lightweight, so that they clothe the bride instead of overloading her.

Our projects meet the highest quality requirements. Our textiles are selected carefully because we believe that each of us deserves the best. We pay great attention to detail and to ensuring that the dress is well made, in line with all the best sewing practices. Also, the majority of our dress pieces are made and decorated by hand. Another distinguishing feature of our brand is that we can modify all the dress components to fulfil the bride’s dream.

When designing dresses, we are inspired primarily by the Boho style. We love playing with lace, textures and accessories. We find it pleasant to experiment with form and different shades of white. Thanks to that, we create inimitable designs perfectly suited for exclusive wedding showrooms, whilst catering for the different tastes of our demanding customers. Our dresses will be loved by the fans of traditional looks and of glamour style as we try to express their interior with amazing outfits.


About the designer

Sabe’s designer and owner is Anna Michalik. She fell in love with fashion as a child. Even today, she still draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and brides. Hundreds of completed designs, tens of created collections, but most of all the smiles of thousands of customers are the best proof of her success in the business. Let us add that the designer is supported by her daughter, Eliza, when creating all the dresses.


Let’s work together

Don’t hesitate to partner with us! We want to establish honest relationships with wedding showroom owners. We would be happy to have you cooperate with us. We’ll also answer all your questions. As you already know, our popularity has grown in several European countries. Now, we intend to conquer the whole world. Hopefully, we will do it with you!